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About Us

Concrete Constructors, Inc. services the South Western Part of the United States installing all aspects of the Concrete Construction Life Cycle.  Concrete Constructors, Inc. has the experience to provide you cutting edge cost estimating, detailed project management and seasoned technicians.  We have provided structural and site concrete work enhancing the urban and environmental landscape of southern California. Committed to responsible growth, our project experience include Disneyland, solar farms, schools, parks, hotels, convention centers, etc.

Jon Hoffman


Jon Hoffman has provided concrete construction and consulting services for over 30 years. He has worked on over 2000 projects world wide, providing all services for "The Concrete Construction Life Cycle". 
Jon's experience is derived from family involvement in concrete technology spanning 3 generations over 100 years.  

Daniel Mussad

Project Manager

Daniel Mussad has 10 years experience of commercial concrete construction

Carmelo Cruz

Field Superintendent

Carmelo Cruz is a general superintendent who has 20 years of experience in commercial concrete construction.

Scott Kelly

Senior Estimator

Scott Kelly grew up in construction. On weekends as a child, he'd visit job sites alongside his dad, a contractor. Scott started in the concrete construction field working on all aspects of concrete. Understanding concrete scope in depth he worked his way up to Chief Estimator / Project Management. Scott has a genuine and unreal feel for what it takes to build a successful project.  Scott’s passion for details and the analysis of a project during preconstruction - together with his team-first attitude, has greatly helped Concrete Constructors preconstruction efforts and successful installations. With 3 children, Scott appreciates his time off hanging by the pool and BBQing with friends and family.

Melissa Hoffman

Office/Payroll Admin

Katie Gallo


Katie is the one who ensures all project costs are on target and are controlled by project managers.  As Controller of Concrete Constructors, Katie is responsible for all of the accounting functions, including receivables, payables, job costing, vendors and long-term planning.  In addition, she oversees bank and bonding lines compliance and paperwork.  We believe all members of our team need to understand our business and the services we provide, whether his or her tool is the hammer or the pen.

James Kelly

Junior Estimator


What Would You Like to Know?

Why Concrete Constructors Inc.?

We are proud users of cutting edge take-off technology, revolutionary means / methods and officers with 30+ years in the concrete industry. We Are Southern California’s Premier Concrete Constructors.


Call us at (760) 290-7110 or email us at

100% satisfaction

We pride ourselves on making our customers happy with our years of experience and our past works. Our resume is deep and has some of the largest names attached to it. Call or email us to find out what we can do for you today!

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